Good morning

"Good Morning" is a delightful song for kids that sings through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, mixing mealtime vocabulary with daily routines for a fun learning feast.


Good morning song lyrics

Good morning! Good morning! It is time for breakfast! We want eggs on bread or cake if you let us!

Good afternoon, everybody! It is time for lunch! Chicken and rice with vegetables is very nice.

Good evening! Good evening! It is time for dinner.
We want burgers.
We want fries, and we want lots of apple pie.

Good Morning song by Studycat

About the Good morning song

“Good Morning” is a lively and upbeat song that takes kids on a delicious journey through the day, from the excitement of breakfast to the joy of lunch and the anticipation of dinner. It’s like a musical menu, offering a taste of different meals and making every greeting an invitation to sing, dance, and maybe even help in the kitchen. T

What can your child learn from it?

This catchy tune is a fantastic way to introduce children to daily routines and meal-related vocabulary. From “eggs on bread” to “chicken and rice” and “burgers with fries,” kids will learn not only the names of different foods but also when we typically eat them. It’s a great opportunity to talk about healthy eating habits and the importance of meals throughout the day.

Plus, the repeated greetings of “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” and “Good evening” are perfect for teaching kids about different parts of the day and how to use these common phrases in English.

Good Morning song by Studycat

Learning activities

To make “Good Morning” even more fun, here are a few activities that can bring the song to life. Have a mini-cooking class where you make simple dishes mentioned in the song, like decorating your own “eggs on bread” or assembling a fruit pie together. This can help children connect food vocabulary with real-life cooking and tasting.

Creating food-themed crafts, such as paper plate meals or food collage, can be a creative way to reinforce the names of different foods and meals. You can also play a matching game where kids match food items with the correct mealtime, boosting their understanding of daily routines and meal-related words.

To round off the day, why not have a little dinner party where everyone can pretend to order their favorite meal from the song?