Grandma's house

Sing along to "Grandma's House" and embark on a fun-filled journey of imagination, learning about transportation, colors, and more with engaging activities for kids.


Grandma's house song lyrics

I want to go to Grandma’s house.
I need to take my bike.
My bike is very nice.

It is orange, black, and white.
I want to go to Grandma’s house, but it is very far.

I can not take my bike.
I need to take my car.
My car is very fast, but there isn’t any gas.

I need to take a bus.
A bus to the train.
A train to the sea.

My grandma lives on a boat.
She’s waiting there for me!

My grandma lives on a boat.
She’s waiting there for me!

My grandma lives on a boat.
She’s waiting there for me!

Grandma's house song by Studycat

About the Grandma's house song

“Grandma’s House” is a delightful song that takes young listeners on a whimsical journey full of surprises and learning moments. It’s not just any trip; it’s an adventure that stretches the imagination and brings a world of colors, sounds, and places into the heart of a child’s learning experience.

Perfect for singing along, this tune is sure to become a favorite among kids and parents alike, whether they’re mastering English or simply looking for a fun new song to share.

What can your child learn from it?

Through the playful story of trying to visit Grandma, this song teaches about the various ways we can travel, making each step of the journey an exciting discovery. It’s a creative way to introduce young minds to different modes of transportation, from bikes to buses to trains, and even a boat.

Along the way, children will pick up new vocabulary related to travel and colors, as they hear about the orange, black, and white bike and the many vehicles encountered.

It’s a gentle nudge towards understanding that journeys can be long and require different approaches, all wrapped up in a catchy tune that makes the learning stick.

Grandma's house song by Studycat

Learning activities

To turn the song into a springboard for further exploration, there are plenty of fun activities to try.

Drawing a map to Grandma’s house can be a great way for kids to visualize the journey and practice words for directions and transport types they’ve heard in the song. Making simple crafts of the various vehicles mentioned can bring the story to life and offer a hands-on way to remember the words.

Talking about different kinds of homes, especially unusual ones like living on a boat, can spark interesting conversations and encourage children to describe what they imagine.

Lastly, asking kids to describe their own way of visiting Grandma—or any loved one—can lead to creative storytelling and a lot of laughs!