I like to walk

"I Like to Walk" is a fun-filled song for kids, exploring daily activities and places, perfect for encouraging outdoor adventures and learning English through play.


I like to walk song lyrics

I like to walk down the street.
I like to stop at a shop for some candy or some sweets.
I like to walk down the street.

I like to go to our school to play on the playground with our friends, me and you.
Climb up! Slide down!

Let’s go to a restaurant.
I want to eat a hot pot! Then, go over to the park for a very long walk!

I like to walk

About the I like to walk song

“I Like to Walk” is a joyful tune that takes kids on a delightful journey through their neighborhood, highlighting the simple pleasures of walking, playing, and spending time with friends. It’s a song that encourages curiosity and exploration, making it a wonderful addition to a child’s playlist.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is a fantastic way for children to learn about different activities and places in their community. It introduces them to vocabulary related to walking, shopping for treats, playing at school, eating out, and enjoying nature in the park.

The song’s repetition reinforces these concepts, helping young learners to remember new words and phrases. It also promotes physical activity and the joy of outdoor play, as it describes fun actions like climbing and sliding.

I like to walk

Learning activities

Bringing “I Like to Walk” to life can be both educational and fun with a few simple activities. At the playground, children can engage in the activities described in the song, such as climbing and sliding, which helps them connect the lyrics to real-life actions.

Creating a drawing or a collage of their ideal day out based on the song encourages creativity and storytelling. Or try preparing a simple meal or snack together, inspired by the restaurant visit in the song, can introduce children to new food vocabulary and the concept of trying new dishes.

So, let’s lace up our shoes and set off on a journey with “I Like to Walk” discovering the world around us through song, play, and exploration!