I'm not going out

"I'm Not Going Out" is a playful song for kids that celebrates the joys of staying in, exploring the house with fun animal companions, and making every day an indoor adventure.


I'm not going out song lyrics

I'm not going out.
I want to stay in.
Because my house is so amazing.

In the morning, I stand in the bathroom.
There is a sink and a bathtub too.
There is a mirror, soap, and a toothbrush, a baboon and some pink shampoo.

Then I go straight to the kitchen.
There is a stove and some dishes.
There is a cupboard and an alligator hiding in my refrigerator.

Soon it is the afternoon.
I sit in the living room.
There is a sofa and a big old chair.
There is a lamp and a big brown bear.

In the dining room, I spend the evening at the table with an elephant eating.

At night, I climb into bed in my bedroom with all my pets.

I'm Not Going Out song by Studycat

About the I'm not going out song

“I’m Not Going Out” is a super catchy song that turns a day spent indoors into an extraordinary adventure! It’s like a magical tour of a house where every room has something surprising, from a baboon in the bathroom to an alligator in the kitchen and even a big brown bear in the living room.

It makes staying in seem like the best plan ever, with fun animal friends popping up in the most unexpected places.

What can your child learn from it?

This fun tune is perfect for teaching kids about different rooms in a house and what you can find in each one, like sinks, bathtubs, stoves, and sofas. It also introduces some wacky and wonderful animal friends in those rooms, which adds a sprinkle of imagination to their day.

Plus, the song covers different times of the day, from morning to night, helping kids learn about daily routines in a super fun way.

I'm Not Going Out song by Studycat

Learning activities

To bring “I’m Not Going Out” to life, you could have a scavenger hunt around your house, finding items mentioned in the song or pretending to spot the animals in each room. Drawing each room with the animals from the song can also be a blast, letting kids get creative with their crayons and imagination.

Acting out the song with stuffed animals or toys as the animal guests can make for a hilarious playtime, too. And why not end the day just like in the song, with a cozy bedtime story in bed with all your “pets”?