In the morning let's play

Start the day with "In The Morning Let's Play"! A cheerful song that teaches morning routines and simple English phrases to kids.


In the morning let's play song lyrics

In the morning, let’s play football with our friends, Ben and Ann.
Then let’s play tennis with Grace, May, and Sam.

In the afternoon, let’s play baseball or badminton.
With Ben, Ann, May, Grace, Sam, Tony, Tom, Kim, and Winston.
That’s nine friends, and with you it’s ten!

In the evening, table tennis in the kitchen if they let us.
Then say good night to our friends.
And in the morning, play again.
Yes, in the morning, play again.

In the morning let's play

About the In the morning let's play song

“In The Morning Let’s Play” is a lively song that encapsulates a day filled with sports, friendship, and fun. Through its upbeat lyrics, the song illustrates a day packed with various activities, from playing football in the morning to table tennis in the evening, highlighting the joy of physical activity and spending time with friends.

This song encourages children to be active, embrace teamwork, and appreciate the value of friendship.

What your child can learn from it

This song is a wonderful resource for children to learn about different sports and the concept of daily routines in English. As they sing about playing football, tennis, baseball, badminton, and table tennis, children expand their vocabulary related to sports and activities.

The song’s structure, moving from morning to evening, helps children understand the parts of the day and activities associated with each. It also emphasizes the importance of physical activity and how it can be integrated into daily life.

Additionally, “In The Morning” promotes teamwork and the joy of playing together, teaching children about cooperation and the significance of saying “good night” and looking forward to another day of fun and play.

In The Morning Let's Play

Bringing “In The Morning Let’s Play” to life

To enrich the experience of “IIn The Morning Let’s Play” consider incorporating these playful and educational activities:

  • Sports Day: Organize a mini sports day that includes some of the activities mentioned in the song. This not only gets children moving but also helps them associate the song’s words with the actual sports.
  • Friendship Circle: Have children count their friends and talk about what games they like to play together. This can be a great way to discuss friendship and how to invite new friends to play.
  • Daily Routine Chart: Create a chart of daily activities, including time for play, meals, and rest. Children can decorate it with pictures of their favorite sports and friends from the song, helping them understand how to balance different parts of their day.

Jump into the active and friendly world of “In The Morning Let’s Play” and discover the excitement of sports, the rhythm of the day, and the warmth of friendship through song!