It's my birthday

Celebrate with "It's My Birthday"! A festive song that teaches birthday vocabulary and expressions, perfect for English learners.


It's my birthday song lyrics

One, two, three.
Mum! Give it to me.

Four, five, six.
Dad! It’s not his.

Seven, eight, nine.
Grandpa, Grandma! It is mine.

Sister, Brother, make a cake! It is my birthday!

It's my birthday

About the It's my birthday song

“It’s My Birthday” is a spirited and catchy song that captures the excitement and anticipation of a child’s birthday celebration. Through its playful counting and familial call-outs, the song highlights the joy of sharing this special day with family members, from parents to grandparents and siblings.

It’s a wonderful tune that celebrates the essence of family, sharing, and the special moments that make birthdays memorable.

What your child can learn from it

This song provides an excellent opportunity for children to practice counting and familial vocabulary in a fun and engaging context.

As they sing along to the numbers and mention different family members, children reinforce their numerical skills and learn to identify family roles and relationships. The song’s emphasis on sharing and claiming ownership (“It is mine”) can also spark discussions about sharing, fairness, and the importance of celebrating together, teaching valuable social and emotional lessons.

”It’s My Birthday” encourages creativity and participation, as the mention of making a cake with siblings brings in elements of cooperation and teamwork. This aspect of the song can inspire children to think about how they can contribute to family celebrations and the joy of working together towards a common goal.

It's my birthday

Bringing “It’s My Birthday” to life

To enhance the enjoyment and learning from “It’s My Birthday,” consider these festive and educational activities:

  • Birthday Role-Play: Create a pretend birthday party where children can role-play different parts of the song, such as giving gifts, making a cake, or singing the song to the “birthday child.” This activity can help children practice the vocabulary and social interactions related to birthdays in a playful setting.
  • Counting and Crafting: Combine crafts with counting by creating birthday cards or decorations that incorporate the numbers from the song. Children can count out stickers, drawings, or other decorations to match the numbers, reinforcing their counting skills in a creative way.
  • Family Tree Project: Use the song as a starting point to discuss family members and relationships. Children can create a simple family tree, identifying and placing each member mentioned in the song. This activity enhances understanding of family dynamics and personal connections.

Dive into the celebratory spirit of “It’s My Birthday” and discover the happiness of marking another year with loved ones through song, play, and togetherness!