My family

"My Family" is a joyful song for kids about the fun and love shared with family members, encouraging them to celebrate their own families through catchy lyrics and imaginative activities.


My family song lyrics

My family, my family.
They are very cool.
They are in my house when I come home from school.

My mother and my father are in the living room.
They are playing hockey with a ball and broom.

My aunt and my uncle are on the kitchen floor.
They are playing baseball.
She is winning, ten to four.

My grandmother and grandfather are in the bathroom.
They are painting everything orange, black, and blue.

Repeat Chorus

My Family song by Studycat

About the My family song

“My Family” is an upbeat song that celebrates family fun and the quirky, imaginative activities that families might do together. It paints a picture of a lively household where every room is filled with laughter and games, from playing hockey in the living room to painting the bathroom in bright colors.

This song is perfect for kids to sing along and appreciate the unique and loving bonds that make their family special.

What can your child learn from it?

Kids can learn about family members and the different relationships within a family, such as parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The song also introduces the idea that spending time together and having fun is what makes family time so special.

Plus, it’s a great way to expand vocabulary related to household rooms and activities, all wrapped up in a catchy tune that celebrates family life.

My Family song by Studycat

Activities to enhance learning:

To make “My Family” come alive, you can engage in activities that encourage kids to share and celebrate their own families. Drawing a family portrait including all the members mentioned in the song can be a fun art project that helps children think about their loved ones and their favorite family activities. Creating a simple family tree can also be an educational way to explore family relationships and learn the names for different family members.

You could even turn your home into a playful arena like in the song, inventing silly games in different rooms to enjoy together. Lastly, writing a short story or making a mini-book about a funny day with their family allows kids to use their imagination and practice storytelling skills.

So, let’s dive into “My Family” and celebrate the joy, love, and sometimes silly moments that make our families so cool.