My new house

"My New House" is a playful song for kids that explores the excitement of moving into a new house, teaching them about different rooms and household items through fun lyrics.


My new house song lyrics

Welcome to my house.
There are many rooms.
I haven't got anything because this house is new.

There isn't a sofa in the living room.
There isn't a table in the kitchen.
There aren't any chairs in the dining room.

There isn't a radio to listen to.

There isn't a bed in the bedroom.
There aren't any pictures on the wall.
There isn't a toilet in the bathroom.
There aren't any lights in the hall.

Welcome to my house.
There are many rooms.
I haven't got anything because this house is new.

My New House song by Studycat

About the My new house song

“My New House” is a catchy tune about moving into a brand new house that’s still waiting to be filled with furniture and life! It’s a playful way to talk about all the different rooms in a house and what usually goes in them, even though in this song, they’re all empty.

This song is perfect for kids who are learning about home vocabulary and the concept of moving to a new place.

What can your child learn from it?

Through the song, children can learn the names of various rooms in a house, such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom. It also introduces them to basic household items like sofas, tables, chairs, radios, beds, pictures, toilets, and lights, even though it says these items aren’t there yet.

This can be a fun way to get kids thinking about what they have in their own homes and where things belong.

My New House song by Studycat

Learning activities

To bring “My New House” to life, you could play a game where you and your child pretend to furnish an imaginary house, discussing what items you’d put in each room. Drawing pictures of a dream house and filling in each room with furniture and decorations from the song can spark creativity and help with vocabulary.

You could also go on a little house tour of your own home, identifying the items mentioned in the song and talking about what other items you might need if your house was new. Another fun idea is to create a simple dollhouse out of boxes, where kids can place toy furniture in the correct rooms, helping them connect the vocabulary to physical spaces.

So, let’s explore “My New House” and imagine all the possibilities of making a new house feel like a cozy home!