No, it's mine

"No, it's Mine" is a lively song for kids learning English, focusing on possessive pronouns and the concept of ownership through catchy lyrics and fun examples.


No, it's mine song lyrics

Is this ruler hers? No.
It’s mine! Is that crayon his? No.
It’s mine.

Whose pen is this? That pen is mine.
Is this flower ours? No.
That’s mine.

Are these shorts yours? Yes, they’re my shorts! Is this horse yours? No, that’s not my horse.

His, hers, ours, theirs, mine, and yours!

No, it's mine song by Studycat

About the No, it's mine song

“No, it’s Mine” is a catchy tune that dives into the world of possessive pronouns in a fun and accessible way. It’s a playful song that helps kids get to grips with the concept of ownership and how to express it, all while having a great time singing along.

The repetition of phrases like “No, it’s mine!” and the various questions about who owns what makes it a perfect sing-along for young learners starting their English language journey.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is a fantastic introduction to possessive pronouns such as “mine”, “yours”, “his”, “hers”, “ours” and “theirs”. It helps children understand how to talk about things they own and things that belong to others in English. The song also touches on the idea of sharing and respecting others’ belongings, an important social skill.

Plus, the variety of objects mentioned in the lyrics, from rulers to crayons to horses, can help expand a child’s vocabulary in a natural and engaging way.

No, it's mine song by Studycat

Activities to enhance learning:

To make the most out of “No, it’s Mine” you can try a few simple and fun activities. Playing a guessing game where kids have to figure out who owns different items around the classroom or house can reinforce the concept of possessive pronouns.

You could also have them draw or craft items mentioned in the song and then practice saying “This is mine” or “That is yours”, to help them get comfortable using these pronouns. Acting out the song’s scenarios with toys or role-playing with friends can be a great way for kids to practice the language in a social setting. And why not have a little discussion about sharing and why it’s important, using the song as a starting point?

Remember, learning English can be a blast, especially with songs that make you want to dance and sing!