Old King Cole

Revel with "Old King Cole"! Sing this merry rhyme, learn the jolly lyrics, and explore king-themed activities for children.


Old King Cole song lyrics

Old King Cole was a merry old soul, And a merry old soul was he; He called for his pipe, and he called for his bowl, And he called for his fiddlers three.

Every fiddler, he had a fine fiddle, And a very fine fiddle had he; Oh, there's none so rare as can compare With King Cole and his fiddlers three.

Old King Cole

About the Old King Cole song

“Old King Cole” is a lively and colorful nursery rhyme that has entertained children and adults alike for centuries. It tells the story of a merry old king who calls for his pipe, his bowl, and his fiddlers three, creating a festive atmosphere with music and joy.

This timeless classic is celebrated for its catchy rhythm and the vivid imagery it conjures, making it a favorite in books, songs, and classrooms around the world.

What your child can learn from it

Engaging with “Old King Cole” is a delightful way for children to immerse themselves in the English language through music and storytelling. The rhyme’s rich vocabulary and playful narrative introduce children to historical and cultural concepts in an accessible way, sparking curiosity about kings, court life, and music.

Singing about the king’s various requests helps kids to practice their listening and comprehension skills, as they follow the story and anticipate what the king will ask for next. The repetitive chorus not only makes the song memorable but also reinforces language patterns, aiding in the development of speech rhythm and fluency.

Additionally, the depiction of joy and merriment promotes social and emotional learning, as children consider the importance of happiness and entertainment in daily life.

Old King Cole

Bringing “Old King Cole” to life

A fantastic way to enjoy “Old King Cole” is to stage a mini-performance, where children can dress up as the king, the fiddlers, or other court members. This interactive play allows kids to act out the story, deepening their engagement with the language and the narrative.

Creating simple musical instruments or crafts related to the rhyme can also enhance the experience, giving children a hands-on opportunity to explore the themes of the song. Such activities not only make learning English enjoyable but also encourage creativity, teamwork, and a love for music and history.

Dive into the festive world of “Old King Cole” and let the joy of learning take center stage!