On my street

"On My Street" is a fun song for kids about noticing and describing the everyday wonders of their neighborhood, encouraging observation and polite manners.


On my street song lyrics

There are beautiful trees
on my street.
They are big and green
on my street.

The cars are clean
on my street, but
there’s an ugly truck
on my street.

A big, old lorry
on my street.
That truck is dirty!
On my street.

Oh, I’m sorry.
Pardon me.
Get that big, ugly, dirty, old lorry
off my street, please!

On My Street song by Studycat

About the On my street song

“On My Street” is a catchy song that paints a picture of what it’s like to live on a lively street full of trees, cars, and even a big, dirty truck that seems out of place. It’s a fun way for kids to sing about their own neighborhood and learn new words related to their everyday surroundings.

Plus, the polite request at the end adds a sweet touch of manners to the tune!

What can your child learn from it?

This song is great for teaching kids about descriptive words, like “beautiful”, “big”, “green”, “clean” and “ugly”. They’ll learn how to talk about what they see around them, describing things in detail. It also introduces the concept of different types of vehicles, such as cars and lorries (which is another word for a truck), expanding their vocabulary even further.

The polite way of asking for something to be moved at the end of the song (“Pardon me… off my street, please!”) is a gentle introduction to using manners in everyday requests.

On My Street song by Studycat

Activities to enhance learning:

To bring On My Street” to life, you could take a walk around your own neighborhood and encourage your child to point out and describe what they see using words from the song. They could talk about the trees, cars, and anything else they find interesting or out of place.

Drawing a picture of your street based on the song can also be a creative way for kids to think about their environment and how they would like it to look. You could also have fun pretending to clean up the neighborhood, maybe even tidying up toys, to emphasize the importance of keeping our surroundings neat and clean.

So, let’s take a musical stroll down “On my street”, exploring, describing, and enjoying the place we call home, all while singing a tune that’s as engaging as it is educational.