One eye, two eyes

"One Eye, Two Eyes" is a catchy and fun song for kids that teaches about body parts and descriptions through playful lyrics, perfect for young learners to explore and celebrate their own features.


One eye, two eyes song lyrics

I have one eye.
I have two eyes.
She has brown eyes.
He has blue eyes.

I have two ears and one nose.
Do I have two mouths? Oh! No, I don't.

I have one head, I have some hair.
Please don't ask me, "How many are there?"

One Eye Two Eyes song by Studycat

About the One eye, two eyes song

“One Eye, Two Eyes” is a playful and catchy tune that takes kids on a fun exploration of the human body, from eyes and ears to noses and hair. It’s a fantastic way to introduce little ones to basic body parts and descriptions, like colors of eyes, all wrapped up in a song that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is great for teaching children about different parts of the body and helping them learn to describe themselves and others. They’ll pick up vocabulary related to the body, like “eyes”, “ears”, “nose”, “head” and “hair”, and learn how to use numbers and colors for descriptions.

The song also touches on the concept of similarities and differences among people, fostering an early understanding of diversity and self-awareness.

One Eye, Two Eyes song by Studycat

Learning activities

To bring the fun lessons from “One Eye, Two Eyes” into your day, you could start with a simple drawing activity where kids create self-portraits or pictures of friends and family, focusing on the features mentioned in the song. This encourages them to think about what makes everyone unique.

Playing a guessing game where you describe someone using the body parts and colors from the song can be a delightful way for kids to practice their listening and descriptive skills. You could also have a “body part bingo” game where children can match words or pictures related to the song’s lyrics, making learning about the body interactive and exciting.

So, let’s jump into “One Eye, Two Eyes” and discover all the fun ways to learn about our bodies!