Purple cat

Dive into the colorful world of "Purple Cat", a cheerful song that introduces children to a spectrum of colors through catchy lyrics and fun, everyday objects.


Purple cat song lyrics

Red, red, red.
It is a red balloon.
Yellow, yellow, yellow.
It is a yellow moon.
Blue, blue, blue.
They are blue shoes.
Orange, orange, orange.
It is orange juice.

Red, yellow, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, brown, white, grey, and black.

Green, green, green.
It is a green snake.
Pink, pink, pink.
It is a big, pink cake.
Brown, brown, brown.
It is a brown hat.
Purple, purple, purple.
It is a purple cat.

Black, black, black.
It is a black shirt.
White, white, white.
It is a white skirt.
Grey, grey, grey.
It is a grey day.
But don't be sad.
We can still go out and play.

Black, grey, white, brown, purple, pink, green.

Purple cat

About the Purple cat song

“Purple Cat” is a vibrant and playful song that serves as a colorful journey through the world of colors, making it a joyous learning experience for children. With its catchy repetition and simple lyrics, the song paints a vivid picture of everyday objects and their colors, from the red balloon to the purple cat.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is a fantastic introduction to the basic and some complex colors, helping children to connect these colors with familiar objects. It not only teaches color recognition but also enhances vocabulary as children learn the names of various items, from animals and clothing to celestial bodies. Additionally, the song’s structure, with its repetitive and rhyming format, aids in memory retention and language development. The final verses bring a message of optimism, teaching kids that even on a grey day, there’s always a reason to play and find joy.

Learning activities

To bring the colorful world of “Purple Cat” to life, there are many fun and educational activities to try. Organizing a color scavenger hunt can be an exciting way for kids to find objects matching the colors mentioned in the song, reinforcing color recognition and active learning.

Crafting projects, such as painting or coloring pictures of the items from the song, offer a hands-on approach to understanding colors and creativity. Hosting a color-themed dress-up day, where children wear clothes matching the song’s colors, can make learning interactive and memorable.

Finally, discussing weather and emotions, as suggested in the song’s conclusion, can open a conversation about feelings and how different colors can influence mood, promoting emotional intelligence alongside color learning.