Simple Simon

Join Simple Simon's adventure! Sing his whimsical tale, learn the catchy lyrics, and enjoy Simon-themed activities for imaginative play.


Simple Simon song lyrics

Simple Simon met a pieman, Going to the fair; Says Simple Simon to the pieman, Let me taste your ware.

Says the pieman to Simple Simon, Show me first your penny; Says Simple Simon to the pieman, Indeed I have not any.

Simple Simon went a-fishing, For to catch a whale; All the water he had got, Was in his mother’s pail.

Simple Simon went to look If plums grew on a thistle; He pricked his fingers very much, Which made poor Simon whistle

Simple Simon

About the Simple Simon song

Simple Simon, oh so fair, is our main character in a nursery rhyme that’s rich with quirky antics and playful language. It’s a tale of a boy who meets a pie-man, and oh, what a meet it is!

Simon may be simple, but his rhyme is simply full of chuckles and charm, perfect for our young learners.

Simple Simon

What can your kiddo learn from it?

”Simple Simon” is a lyrical feast! It serves up a slice of vocabulary, a scoop of rhythm, and a sprinkle of humor. Children can learn about sequencing and the concept of cause and effect, all while enjoying the fun narrative. It’s also a playful introduction to money and commerce — buying and selling, and the importance of having money for the things we need or want.

It’s also a good tool to help your child practice English.

On that note, you could try playing something like pretend pie shop. Set up a little stall and use play money to “buy” and “sell” treats. It’s a yummy way to learn numbers and money-handling skills.

Illustrate the rhyme! Have your child draw pictures of the different parts of the story—this can help with comprehension and recall, and it’s a blast!

Let’s talk about it. Discuss with your child why Simon couldn’t get the pies and the importance of work and reward. It’s a gentle way to introduce the value of money and effort.

Rhyme and mime! Act out the story as you tell it, miming the actions like meeting the pieman, fishing, and the other fun adventures Simon has.

With a jolly jig and a penny saved for a pie, we wrap up our whimsical walk with Simple Simon. Keep the giggles going and the coins clinking until we skip along with another rhyme!