The mood for food

Come feast on "The Mood for Food"! This catchy song teaches kids about different foods, tastes, and eating habits in a fun way.


The mood for food song lyrics

I am in the mood.
The mood for food.
I am in the mood.
The mood for food.
Do you want some rice? Yes, I want some rice.
Do you want some butter? Yes, I want some butter.
Do you want some soup? Yes, I want some soup.
Do you want to eat a pencil? No, I don't want to eat a pencil, I told you...
Do you want a doughnut? Yes, I want a doughnut Do you want a hotdog? Yes, I want a hotdog.
Do you want an egg? Yes, I want an egg.
Do you want to eat a ball? No, I don't want to eat a ball, I told you...
I am in the mood.
To eat rice and chicken and doughnuts.
I am in the mood.
To eat candy, noodles, and pizza too.

The mood for food

About the The mood for food song

“The Mood for Food” is a playful and engaging song that explores the theme of food preferences and the humorous idea of eating inedible objects, like pencils and balls. With its catchy refrain and call-and-response structure, this song not only entertains but also teaches children about different types of food while reinforcing the concept of making choices.

It’s a delightful tune that combines learning with laughter, making it a hit among young audiences.

What your child can learn from it

This song offers a creative way for children to practice English, especially vocabulary related to food items and expressions of preference. As they sing along to questions about what foods they want and respond with their choices, children reinforce their understanding of food names and the structure of questions and answers in English.

The inclusion of silly options like eating a pencil or a ball introduces humor, engaging children’s attention and making the learning process enjoyable.

The song also encourages decision-making and expressing preferences, which are important cognitive and language skills. By distinguishing between edible and inedible items, children learn about categorization and safety in a fun context.

Furthermore, the repetition of phrases like “I am in the mood” and the varied food items mentioned helps to build memory and fluency in English.

The mood for food

Bringing “The Mood for Food” to life

To enhance the educational value of “The Mood for Food” consider these activities:

  • Food Sorting Game: Create a game where children sort pictures or toy foods into “edible” and “inedible” categories, reinforcing the song’s theme of making choices about what we can eat.
  • Cooking Activity: Use the song as inspiration to prepare a simple meal or snack together, such as rice, soup, or doughnuts. This hands-on experience can help children connect the vocabulary from the song with real-life food items and learn about cooking.
  • Create Your Own Verses: Encourage children to come up with their own verses for the song, choosing different foods or silly items to include. This creative exercise allows children to practice language skills while engaging their imaginations.

Dive into “The Mood for Food” and enjoy a delicious journey through song, exploring tastes, making choices, and learning English along the way!