This snake is long

"This Snake is Long" is a playful song for kids on a language learning journey, teaching about sizes, speed, and comparisons through a fun animal story, perfect for young English learners.


This snake is long song lyrics

This snake is long.
This snake is eight.
It is longer than that snake.

That snake is short.
That snake is four.

It is shorter than its mate.
It is shorter than its mate.

This fish is small.
This fish is fast.
It is faster than a cat.

That cat is big.
That cat is slow.
That cat is much too slow and fat.
That cat is much too slow and fat.

Catch this fish? No, it can’t.
It is much too slow and fat.
It is much too slow and fat.

Catch this fish? No, it can’t.
It is much too slow and fat.

This Snake is Long by Studycat

About the This snake is long song

“This Snake is Long” is a catchy tune that brings a fun twist to learning about sizes and speed through a story about animals. With its easy-to-follow lyrics, this song is perfect for little ones getting to know the English language, offering them a chance to learn new words and concepts in a playful way.

Singing about long snakes, short snakes, fast fish, and slow cats, the song turns a language lesson into an exciting adventure.

What can your child learn from it?

This song offers a fantastic way for children to learn about comparisons and descriptive language in English. They’ll get familiar with adjectives like “long”, “short”, “fast” and “slow” and understand how to use them to compare different things.

It also introduces basic numeracy skills with numbers, showing how they can describe the length of objects — or in this case, snakes! Plus, the repetition of phrases makes it easier for young learners to remember these new English words and phrases.

This Snake is Long by Studycat

Learning activities

Bringing “This Snake is Long” into your child’s learning can be both fun and educational with a few simple activities:

  • Create Your Own Animal Comparisons: Use toys or draw pictures to compare different animals or objects, describing them with words from the song. This helps reinforce the vocabulary and concepts introduced.
  • Speedy Animal Races: Have fun with a game where you pretend to be the animals from the song. Who can be the fastest fish? Can anyone be a slower cat? This physical activity can make the learning experience memorable.
  • Number and Length Fun: With strings or ribbons, measure out lengths to represent the long snake and the short snake. Adding counting into the mix, ask how many units long each snake is to combine language learning with math skills.
  • Storytelling with New Vocabulary: Encourage your child to tell a story using the words “long”, “short”, “fast” and “slow”. They could create a new adventure for the animals in the song, practicing their English speaking or writing skills in a creative way.

By diving into the playful world of “This Snake is Long”, children can enjoy learning English, picking up new vocabulary, and exploring basic concepts in a way that feels more like play than study. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to sing, move, and learn all at once!