Wake up

Energize mornings with the "Wake Up" song! Ideal for kids learning English, it offers lively lyrics and teaches daily routines.


Wake up song lyrics

Wake up.
Eat breakfast.
Go to school.
Study English.
Come home.
Eat your food.
What’s for supper? It is soup.
That is good to eat! Play piano.
Sing a song.
Take a bath, and go to sleep.

Wake Up song by Studycat

About the Wake up song

“Wake Up” is a simple and melodic song that outlines a child’s daily routine, from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night. Through its straightforward lyrics, the song encapsulates a typical day, highlighting activities such as eating breakfast, going to school, studying English, and enjoying leisure time.

This tune offers a gentle reminder of the day’s structure, making it an excellent tool for teaching children about routines and time management.

What your child can learn from it

Singing “Wake Up” can be a delightful way for children to familiarize themselves with the concept of daily routines and the English language. Each line of the song introduces different daily activities, serving as a fun method for expanding vocabulary related to everyday life.

By mentioning specific actions like “eat breakfast”, “study English” and “play piano”, children can learn verbs and nouns in context, enhancing their understanding of sentence structure and grammar.

The song also touches on the importance of regular habits and time management, indirectly teaching children the value of organizing their day. The inclusion of studying and leisure activities emphasizes a balanced lifestyle, promoting the idea that both work and play are essential parts of the day.

Wake Up song by Studycat

Bringing “Wake Up” to life

To enrich the learning experience with “Wake Up”, consider these engaging activities:

  • Create a Visual Schedule: Work with your child to create a visual representation of their daily routine, matching each activity mentioned in the song with pictures or drawings. This can help reinforce the song’s vocabulary and the concept of sequencing.
  • Role-Play: Act out the song’s lyrics, taking turns to mimic the different activities described. This can be a playful way to understand the song’s content deeply and practice the English language in a real-world context.
  • Sing and Play: Encourage your child to learn the song on an instrument, such as the piano, or create their own melody for it. This musical exploration can enhance their appreciation for music and develop their auditory and motor skills.

Let “Wake Up” guide you through the day, turning everyday routines into a musical journey filled with learning and fun!