What do you like to do?

"What Do You Like To Do?" is a great song for kids to learn about hobbies and interests in English.


What do you like to do? song lyrics

What do you like to do? I like to take photos.
I like to take photos, too.
Take photos of my soup.
Take photos of your nose.
Take, take, take, photos, photos, photos.
What does she like to do? She likes to watch movies.
I like to watch movies, too! Movies about cats and dogs, movies that are sad and long.
Watch, watch, watch, movies, movies, movies.
What do they like to do? They like to sing songs.
I like to sing songs, too! Sing, sing, sing, songs, songs, songs.
Can we play the piano? Oh, yes we can.
Go! Play, play, play the piano-ano-ano.
Do you like to listen to music? Whose music? Cow mooo-sic! Or chickens’! Listen! Listen, listen, listen, to music, music, music.

What do you like to do?

About the What do you like to do? song

“What Do You Like To Do?” is a vibrant song that explores various hobbies and interests, from taking photos and watching movies to singing songs and playing the piano. With its catchy melody and playful lyrics, the song encourages children to think about and share their own interests while learning about others.

It’s a fantastic way to celebrate diversity in hobbies and the joy of discovering new activities.

What your child can learn from it

This song introduces children to a range of activities, enhancing their vocabulary related to hobbies and leisure pursuits. As they sing about different likes and interests, children can identify their own preferences and learn how to express them in English.

The song’s structure, with questions and responses, also helps children practice conversational patterns, improving their communication skills.

Additionally, “What Do You Like To Do?” promotes social skills by highlighting shared interests and the idea of trying new things together, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. The humor and creativity in the song, especially with playful concepts like “cow mooo-sic,” encourage children to enjoy language and explore imaginative ideas.

Bringing “What Do You Like To Do?” to life

To make “What Do You Like To Do?” an interactive and enriching experience, consider these engaging activities:

  • Hobby Day: Organize a day where children can share and demonstrate their hobbies or try new ones mentioned in the song. This can be a fun way to explore interests and talents within a group setting.
  • Photo Project: Inspired by the song, have children take photos of interesting or funny things, like their soup or their nose, and create a photo collage. This activity combines creativity with technology, encouraging children to express themselves through photography.
  • Sing and Play: If possible, incorporate music-making into the experience by singing the song together and trying to play simple tunes on a piano or keyboard. This can be a wonderful way to introduce children to the joy of making music.
  • Listening Party: Host a listening party where children can share their favorite music or explore different types of music, including “cow mooo-sic” or any other fun, imaginative genres they can think of. This activity can broaden their musical horizons and listening skills.

Explore the delightful world of “What Do You Like To Do?” and embark on a musical journey through hobbies, laughter, and shared experiences!