Ali's homework

Embark on a hunt in "Ali's Homework," where teamwork and persistence shine. This tale by Studycat turns English learning into an adventure!


About the Ali's homework story

In today’s adventure, Ali faces every student’s nightmare: missing homework! But fear not, because Tom is on a mission to retrieve it. Through kitchens, dining rooms, and dangerous stairs, this tale weaves a story of determination, caution, and the unexpected places our lost treasures can hide. Ideal for young learners, this narrative dives into household vocabulary, expressions of concern, and the importance of helping friends.

Let’s join the search party and see where Ali’s homework has been hiding!

Ali's homework

Ali’s homework

Narrator: Ali can’t find her homework.

Ali: I lost my homework.

Tom: I’ll help.

Narrator: Tom goes to the kitchen.

Narrator: He looks behind the fridge.

Ali: Be careful, Tom.

Narrator: Tom goes to the dining room.

Narrator: He looks in the cupboard.

Ali: Be careful, Tom.

Narrator: Tom goes to the living room.

Narrator: He looks behind the curtains.

Ali: Be careful, Tom.

Narrator: Tom goes to the hall.

Narrator: He looks on the bookcase.

Ali: Be careful, Tom.

Narrator: Tom goes to the stairs.

Ali: Be careful, Tom!

Narrator: He slips.

Narrator: He falls.

Narrator: Tom looks under his head.

Narrator: It’s Ali’s homework.

Ali: Thanks, Tom.

English practice exercises

After navigating through Tom’s perilous journey to find Ali’s homework, here are some exercises to help young learners reflect on the story, practice English, and reinforce the lessons learned about caution and friendship.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the places and actions with their descriptions: a. kitchen b. dining room c. living room d. hall e. stairs f. slips g. falls

  1. A room in a house for general everyday use
  2. The act of losing one’s balance
  3. A room where food is prepared and cooked
  4. An area or passage in a building
  5. The act of coming down suddenly and uncontrollably
  6. A series of steps leading from one floor to another
  7. A room where meals are eaten

Comprehension questions

  1. What is Ali looking for?
    • a) Her toy
    • b) Her cat
    • c) Her homework
  2. Where does Tom finally find the homework?
    • a) Under his head
    • b) In the kitchen
    • c) On the bookcase
  3. What does Ali repeatedly tell Tom?
    • a) Hurry up!
    • b) Be quiet!
    • c) Be careful, Tom!


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 3, b. 7, c. 1, d. 4, e. 6, f. 2, g. 5 Comprehension Questions: 1. c, 2. a, 3. c

This story not only hones in on the vocabularies of household locations and actions but also underlines the value of persistence in helping friends. Sometimes, the things we’re desperately searching for are closer than we think, and a little caution can prevent a tumble!

Until our next heartwarming tale, keep exploring, learning, and taking care of each other.

Ali's homework