Dinner plans

Join the feast of decisions in "Dinner Plans," where choices lead to unexpected turns. This Studycat story spices up English learning with a dash of fun.


About the Dinner plans story

Tonight’s tale unfolds at dinner time, where Kitty, Bob, Ali, Tom, and Studycat find themselves tangled in a delicious dilemma of what to eat. This story serves up a hearty helping of vocabulary related to food preferences, decision-making, and the universal experience of hunger. It’s a perfect recipe for young learners to practice English while exploring the themes of compromise and friendship.

Let’s dig into the savory story of how these friends come together to solve the dinner puzzle!

Dinner plans

Narrator: It’s dinner time.

Kitty, Bob, Ali, Tom: I’m hungry.

Kitty: I want to eat chicken.

Bob: Me too!

Ali: I don’t want to eat meat.

Ali: I want to eat pizza.

Bob: Me too!

Tom: I don’t want pizza. It’s unhealthy.

Tom: I want to eat fish.

Bob: Me too!

Kitty: I don’t want fish.

Kitty: I want a burger.

Bob: Me too!

Ali: I don’t want to eat meat.

Studycat: Let’s get salad.

Ali, Bob, Kitty, Tom: Okay!

Narrator: They walk to the restaurant.

Kitty: It’s very dark.

Narrator: The restaurant is closed.

Studycat: It’s closed.

Bob: Oh no!

Narrator: They walk home.

Bob: I’m very hungry.

Kitty, Tom: Food!

Narrator: Tom’s dad made dinner.

Tom: Thanks, Dad!

Bob: When is breakfast?

English practice exercises

After a whirlwind of dinner dilemmas, let’s tuck into some exercises designed to help young learners chew over the story, savor the English language, and muse on the mealtime musings of our characters.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the food items with their descriptions: a. chicken b. pizza c. fish d. burger e. salad

  1. A flat round base of dough topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various toppings
  2. A type of poultry eaten as food
  3. A dish often made of leafy greens and other raw or cooked ingredients, dressed with a sauce
  4. A patty of ground meat, usually beef, served in a split bun
  5. A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water and is usually covered with scales

Comprehension questions

  1. Why can’t the friends agree on what to eat for dinner?
    • a) They all want the same thing.
    • b) They have different food preferences.
    • c) The restaurant is closed.
  2. What is the final decision for dinner?
    • a) Salad
    • b) Fish
    • c) Pizza
  3. What happens when they reach the restaurant?
    • a) It’s too crowded.
    • b) It’s closed.
    • c) They change their minds.


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 2, b. 1, c. 5, d. 4, e. 3 Comprehension Questions: 1. b, 2. a, 3. b

This flavorful journey through the trials of deciding on dinner highlights the beauty of compromise and the warmth of coming together to share a meal. Whether it’s salad or the surprise of a home-cooked dinner, the real treat is the company we share it with.

Until we plate up our next story, keep feasting on the rich language and lessons that come with each new adventure!

Dinner plans