Kitty's balloons

"Kitty's Balloons" floats up with fun as Kitty learns about colors and friendship. A light-hearted tale of adventure and gratitude by Studycat.


About the Kitty's balloons story

Kitty’s fascination with balloons takes her on an unexpected journey upwards! This simple yet charming story highlights colors, desires, and the value of helping friends in need. It’s an excellent narrative for young learners to practice English related to colors, expressions of gratitude, and actions.

Kitty’s balloons

Narrator: Kitty sees balloons.

Kitty: Balloons!

Narrator: Kitty wants a balloon.

Kitty: Red, please.

Narrator: Kitty wants another balloon.

Kitty: Blue, please.

Narrator: Kitty wants another balloon.

Kitty: Yellow, please.

Narrator: Kitty is flying.

Kitty: Help!

Narrator: Bob helps Kitty.

Kitty: Thanks, Bob.

Narrator: Kitty keeps one.

Narrator: Kitty is happy.

English practice exercises

Here’s a few practice questions to help your child remember the important English words and understanding of the story.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the colors with the objects: a. red b. blue c. yellow

  1. The color of the sun
  2. The color of the sky
  3. The color of a fire truck

Comprehension questions

  1. What does Kitty initially see that excites her?
    • a) A cake
    • b) Balloons
    • c) A bicycle
  2. How does Kitty end up flying?
    • a) By holding too many balloons
    • b) By jumping from a trampoline
    • c) By climbing a tree
  3. Who helps Kitty come back down?
    • a) Tom
    • b) Bob
    • c) Studycat


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 3, b. 2, c. 1 Comprehension Questions: 1. b, 2. a, 3. b

Kitty’s adventure with balloons is a whimsical reminder of the joys and surprises that simple pleasures can bring—and the importance of being there for each other.

Kitty's balloons