Shopping for Bob

"Shopping for Bob" turns gift-giving into a heartwarming lesson on friendship and surprises. Dive into this charming English learning story by Studycat.


About the Shopping for Bob story

As Bob’s birthday approaches, Studycat, Ali, and Kitty embark on a shopping spree to find the perfect gifts. They each pick out something special, but the story takes a humorous twist, teaching us about thoughtfulness, surprises, and the joy of giving (and receiving!). This narrative is a fabulous way for young learners to practice English, explore shopping vocabulary, and learn about colors and clothing.

Let’s unwrap this amusing tale of birthday shopping gone awry!

Shopping for Bob

Narrator: Tomorrow is Bob’s birthday.

Studycat: “I’ll buy shoes.”

Ali: I’ll buy pants.

Kitty: I’ll buy a hat.

Studycat: A pair of black shoes, please.

Narrator: Studycat buys shoes.

Shop Assistant: Here you are.

Studycat: Thank you.

Ali: A pair of blue and white pants, please.

Narrator: Ali buys pants.

Shop Assistant: Here you are.

Ali: Thank you.

Kitty: A yellow hat, please.

Narrator: Kitty buys a hat.

Kitty: Thank you.

Narrator: They give Bob his presents.

Studycat, Ali, Kitty: Here you are.

Bob: Thank you.

Narrator: Bob puts on the clothes.

Narrator: Oh no!

Narrator: Bob gives Studycat, Ali, and Kitty the presents.

Narrator: Studycat, Ali, and Kitty like their new clothes.

English practice exercises

After delighting in the gift exchange adventures of Bob and friends, let’s dive into some exercises to enrich young learners’ understanding of the story, practice English, and reflect on the essence of gift-giving.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the clothing items and phrases with their descriptions: a. shoes b. pants c. hat d. presents e. “Here you are.”

  1. Headwear, often worn for protection or fashion
  2. An expression used when giving something to someone
  3. Items worn on the feet, often for protection or comfort
  4. Clothing items that cover the legs and waist
  5. Gifts given to someone on a special occasion

Comprehension questions

  1. What does Studycat decide to buy for Bob?
    • a) A shirt
    • b) Shoes
    • c) A book
  2. What color are the pants Ali buys?
    • a) Red and black
    • b) Blue and white
    • c) Green and yellow
  3. How do the friends feel about the clothes at the end of the story?
    • a) Confused
    • b) Happy
    • c) Disappointed


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 3, b. 4, c. 1, d. 5, e. 2 Comprehension Questions: 1. b, 2. b, 3. b

This story, with its playful turn of events, not only practices vocabulary related to shopping and clothing but also imparts a sweet lesson on the unexpected joys of giving. Sometimes, the best gifts are those that bring us together in laughter and happiness.

Until our next shopping trip down the aisle of language, keep practicing your English and spreading joy with thoughtful gifts!

Shopping for bob