Tom's birthday!

Celebrate "Tom's Birthday" with a heartwarming short story by Studycat. It's a piece of cake to learn English with such engaging tales!


About the Tom's birthday! story

Today, we’re celebrating Tom’s birthday, a story that unfolds with a bit of mystery and a heartwarming surprise. As Tom looks for his family and friends, he finds something even better than he hoped for. This tale is purr-fect for young learners to practice English and learn about family, emotions, and the joy of surprises.

Let’s unwrap this story and discover the gift of friendship and celebration together!

Tom’s birthday

Narrator: It’s Tom’s birthday.

Narrator: Tom wants to see his grandma and grandpa.

Tom: Hello?

Narrator: He can’t find them.

Narrator: Tom wants to see his aunt and uncle.

Tom: Hello?

Narrator: He can’t find them.

Narrator: Tom wants to see his brother.

Tom: Hello?

Narrator: He can’t find his brother.

Narrator: Tom wants to see his friends.

Tom: Hello?

Narrator: He can’t find them.

Narrator: Tom wants to see his teacher.

Tom: Hello?

Narrator: He can’t find her.

Narrator: Tom walks home.

Narrator: He opens the door.

Everyone: Happy birthday, Tom!

Narrator: It’s a surprise!

English practice exercises

After delving into Tom’s heartwarming birthday story, here are some engaging questions and activities to help young learners deepen their understanding of the narrative and practice their English skills.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the story words with their meanings: a. birthday b. grandma and grandpa c. aunt and uncle d. brother e. friends f. teacher g. surprise

  1. Relatives who are the parents of a person’s father or mother
  2. A person related to you by education, not by family
  3. The day on which a person was born, celebrated each year
  4. A male sibling
  5. An unexpected event or gift
  6. Relatives who are the siblings of a person’s parents
  7. People whom one knows and has a bond of mutual affection

Comprehension questions

  1. Who does Tom want to see on his birthday?
    • a) His pets
    • b) His family and friends
    • c) His neighbors
  2. What is Tom’s reaction when he opens the door at home?
    • a) He is confused
    • b) He is surprised
    • c) He is disappointed
  3. Why can’t Tom find anyone when he calls them?
    • a) They are hiding
    • b) They are not at home
    • c) It’s a surprise party


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 3, b. 1, c. 6, d. 4, e. 7, f. 2, g. 5 Comprehension Questions: 1. b, 2. b, 3. c

This sweet story, while simple, is a wonderful way to introduce young learners to everyday vocabulary and the concept of surprise, emotion, and family connections. It shows that sometimes, when it seems like we’re alone, we’re actually surrounded by love and care in ways we might not expect.

Until our next story unfolds, keep exploring the language and the many adventures it can bring to life!

Tom's birthday!