What can Tom do?

Explore "What Can Tom Do?"—a tale of discovery and skill. This short story by Studycat turns learning English into an exciting journey of what's possible.


About the What can Tom do? story

Join Studycat, Ali, and Tom as they embark on a delightful day at the park, where Tom is eager to show off his wide range of talents. From running and jumping to an attempt at flying, this story is a heartwarming exploration of trying new things, discovering our limits, and the importance of friendship. It’s perfect for young learners to practice English, focusing on action verbs and the supportive bonds of friendship.

Let’s leap into the park adventure and see what Tom can do!

What can Tom do?

Narrator: Studycat, Ali, and Tom go to the park.

Tom: Look. I can run.

Tom: Look. I can jump.

Narrator: Tom jumps.

Tom: Look. I can sing.

Narrator: Tom sings.

Tom: Look. I can throw.

Narrator: Tom throws.

Tom: Look. I can climb.

Narrator: Tom climbs.

Tom: Look. I can fly.

Narrator: Tom jumps.

Tom: Help!

Narrator: Tom can’t swim.

Narrator: Studycat and Ali help Tom.

Tom: Thanks!

Narrator: They walk home.

Narrator: Tom can’t catch.

English practice exercises

After enjoying Tom’s energetic display at the park, here are some engaging exercises to help young learners dive deeper into the story, practice their English, and reflect on the fun and challenges of learning new skills.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the action words from the story with their meanings: a. run b. jump c. sing d. throw e. climb f. fly g. swim h. catch

  1. To move through the air using wings
  2. To move quickly on one’s feet
  3. To make musical sounds with the voice
  4. To move upwards or over an obstacle by pushing off with one’s legs
  5. To propel something through the air by pushing it out of the hand
  6. To ascend or go up using hands and/or feet
  7. To move through water by moving the body or parts of the body
  8. To stop and hold something that has been thrown, kicked, or dropped

Comprehension questions

  1. What does Tom claim he can do?
    • a) Bake a cake
    • b) Solve a puzzle
    • c) Fly
  2. What activity does Tom need help with?
    • a) Singing
    • b) Swimming
    • c) Climbing
  3. How do Studycat and Ali help Tom?
    • a) They teach him to sing
    • b) They save him from the water
    • c) They catch a ball for him


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 2, b. 4, c. 3, d. 5, e. 6, f. 1, g. 7, h. 8 Comprehension Questions: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b

This story, while filled with fun and laughter, also teaches us about the joys of trying, the importance of knowing our limits, and the value of having friends to support us when we stumble. It’s a beautiful reminder that it’s okay not to be able to do everything and that help is always around when we need it.

Until our next adventure, keep trying new things and learning every step of the way!

What can Tom do?