How To Help Your Child Learn Dialogues

Fun English teaches children very simple dialogues using short, simple sentences.  It often takes children some time before they are prepared to speak in full sentences. This is referred to as the Silent Period and is completely natural. Children who practice their dialogues using our app will come on leaps and bounds in their learning.

Use Pictures to Assist Dialogue Comprehension

You can encourage your children to practice their dialogues with using the illustrated dialogues in your child’s Fun English class  Simply take turns speaking the lines with your child playing one of the roles and you playing the other. Then switch roles and practice again.  This, however, can become boring and unengaging. Mental engagement is essential to efficient language learning.

Find Opportunities to Review Dialogues

Ideally, try to find opportunities to review dialogues your child has been learning by incorporating them into their in their daily lives.  Of course this requires you to remain quite aware of what dialogues your child has been learning in order to be ready at any time to utilize real life experiences as opportunities to practice a short English dialogue. 

The Silent Period Can Last 2-3 Years

Don’t worry if your child isn’t responsive to this sort of practice right away. As mentioned, some learners go through a natural Silent Period that can last as long as two to three years.

Use the Fun English App to Practice Dialogues

Of course, don’t forget about your Fun English app.  Each unit on the app offers a variety of engaging games and activities for children to practice simple dialogues or sentences.  It is an incredible tool to help your child master their dialogues learning anywhere at any time.