La mochila de Bob

Unzip "La mochila de Bob" to discover a treasure trove of new Spanish words! This short story by Studycat packs fun and learning into one.


About the La mochila de Bob story

In today’s tale, we join Bob and Kitty on a quirky quest full of mix-ups and discoveries. Bob can’t seem to find his things, sparking a search that teaches us about colors, possessions, and the surprise of finding things right where we least expect them. Perfect for young learners, this story is a playful way to practice Spanish and learn about describing objects and colors.

Let’s dive into the adventure and see what Bob and Kitty uncover!

La mochila de Bob

Narrator: Bob no puede encontrar sus cosas.

Bob: ¡Ay! No encuentro mis cosas.

Kitty: Yo te ayudo.

Narrator: Kitty tiene una caja de lápices rosa.

Kitty: ¿Esta es tu caja de lápices?

Bob: No. Mi caja de lápices es verde.

Narrator: No es la de Bob.

Narrator: Kitty tiene un bolígrafo.

Kitty: ¿Esta es tu bolígrafo?

Bob: No. Mi bolígrafo es negra.

Narrator: No es el de Bob.

Narrator: Kitty tiene una goma de borrar.

Kitty: ¿Esta es tu goma de borrar?

Bob: No. Mi goma de borrar es rosa.

Narrator: No es la de Bob.

Narrator: Kitty tiene pegamento.

Kitty: ¿Este es tu pegamento?

Bob: No. Mi pegamento es azul y amarillo.

Narrator: No es el de Bob.

Bob: Vámonos a casa.

Narrator: Kitty y Bob vuelven a casa.

Kitty: ¡Bob, tienes tu mochila puesta!

Narrator: Bob se pone contento. Tira su mochila al aire.

Bob: ¡Bravo!

Narrator: Bob no puede encontrar sus cosas.

Bob: ¡Ay! No encuentro mis cosas.

Spanish practice exercises

After exploring Bob and Kitty’s colorful search, here are some engaging exercises to help young learners dive deeper into the story and hone their Spanish skills.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the story words with their meanings: a. una caja de lápices b. un bolígrafo c. una goma de borrar d. el pegamento. e. una mochila

  1. A container used for storing pencils and other writing instruments
  2. A device used to erase mistakes written in pencil
  3. An adhesive substance used for sticking objects together
  4. A portable container for carrying personal items
  5. An instrument for writing or drawing with ink

Comprehension questions

  1. What is Bob looking for?
    • a) His homework
    • b) His friends
    • c) His things
  2. What color is Bob’s pencil case?
    • a) Pink
    • b) Green
    • c) Black
  3. Where was Bob’s bag all along?
    • a) At school
    • b) On his back
    • c) At Kitty’s house


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 1, b. 5, c. 2, d. 3, e. 4 Comprehension Questions: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b

This delightful story is not only a fun read but also an excellent way for young learners to practice describing objects, colors, and actions in Spanish. Bob and Kitty’s adventure reminds us that sometimes the answers we’re searching for are closer than we think.

Until our next whimsical adventure, keep looking around (and maybe even on yourself) for new words and lessons in the most unexpected places!

Bob's bag