Ensalada de frutas

Mix up learning with "Ensalada de frutas," a deliciously educational short story by Studycat. It's a recipe for success in Spanish vocabulary and fun!


About the Ensalada de frutas story

In today’s story, Studycat, Tom, and Bob are on a quest to satisfy their hunger with a delicious fruit salad. However, things take a humorous turn with a series of mix-ups that lead to an unexpected version of a “Ensalada de frutas.” This tale is ripe for young learners to practice Spanish, focusing on food vocabulary, polite requests, and the funny outcomes of misunderstandings.

Let’s dive into this fruity fiasco and see what sort of salad our friends end up with!

Ensalada de frutas

Narrator: Studycat, Tom y Bob tienen hambre.

Studycat: Yo quiero una ensalada de frutas.

Tom: ¡Yo ayudo!

Studycat: Tenemos fresas, una piña, una manzana, y un coco.

Narrator: Studycat pide fresas.

Studycat: Fresas por favor, Tom.

Narrator: Tom pone calcetines.

Narrator: Studycat pide una manzana.

Studycat: Una manzana por favor, Tom.

Narrator: Tom le da una camiseta a Studycat.

Narrator: Studycat pide una banana.

Studycat: Una banana por favor, Tom.

Narrator: Tom le da a Studycat un zapato.

Narrator: La ensalada de frutas está lista.

Narrator: A Studycat y a Tom no les gusta.

Narrator: ¡Pero a Bob le encanta!

Spanish practice exercises

After giggling through the culinary capers of our friends, here are some exercises to help young learners engage with the story, sharpen their Spanish skills, and reflect on the mix-up.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the story items with their descriptions: a. fresas b. piña c. manzana d. coco e. calcetines f. camiseta g. zapato

  1. A hard brown shell with white flesh and clear liquid inside
  2. A piece of clothing for the foot
  3. Soft, red fruit with tiny seeds on the outside
  4. A tropical fruit with rough green skin and sweet yellow flesh
  5. An article of clothing worn on the upper body
  6. A piece of footwear
  7. A round fruit with green, yellow, or red skin and sweet white flesh inside

Comprehension questions

  1. What do Studycat, Tom, and Bob want to make?
    • a) A vegetable stew
    • b) A fruit salad
    • c) A cake
  2. What does Tom mistakenly add to the fruit salad?
    • a) Clothes and shoes
    • b) Vegetables
    • c) Candy
  3. Who likes the finished fruit salad?
    • a) Studycat
    • b) Tom
    • c) Bob


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 3, b. 4, c. 7, d. 1, e. 2, f. 5, g. 6 Comprehension Questions: 1. b, 2. a, 3. c

This whimsical story, while brimming with laughs, is a fantastic way for young learners to practice naming fruits and everyday items, and to learn the importance of clear communication. It’s a sweet reminder that sometimes, the unexpected can be just as delightful.

Until we slice into our next story, keep practicing your Spanish and enjoying the juicy journey of learning!

Fruit salad