"Sombras" lights up bedtime with imagination. Discover shapes and tales in this playful Spanish story by Studycat.


About the Sombras story

Kitty can’t sleep, but Studycat has a playful solution to make the night less daunting and more enchanting. Together, they dive into the imaginative world of shadow animals, transforming fear into fun. It’s a cozy lesson in creativity, imagination, and the simple joy of childhood games, making it a wonderful story for young learners to practice Spanish and explore descriptive language.


Kitty: No puedo dormir.

Studycat: Mira esto.

Studycat: ¿Qué ves?

Kitty: Veo un ojo y una boca.

Kitty: ¡Es un pato!

Studycat: ¿Qué ves?

Kitty: Veo una cabeza, piernas, y orejas.

Kitty: Es un conejo.

Studycat: ¿Qué ves?

Kitty: Veo una cabeza, orejas, y una boca.

Kitty: Es un perro.

Studycat: ¿Qué ves?

Kitty: Veo un ojo y una boca.

Kitty: Es una gallina.

Kitty: ¿Qué es eso?

Studycat: ¡Oh, no!

Kitty: ¡Es mamá!

Mom: ¡Duérmete!

Kitty: Bueno, mamá.

Spanish practice exercises

Dive into Kitty and Studycat’s shadowy adventure with these exercises designed to encourage young learners to use their imagination and practice their Spanish skills.

Vocabulary match-up

Match the animal shadows with their features: a. pato b. conejo c. perro d. gallina

  1. An animal with an eye, legs, and ears
  2. An animal with an eye and a mouth
  3. An animal with a head, ears, and a mouth
  4. An animal known for its head, legs, and fluffy tail

Comprehension questions

  1. Why can’t Kitty sleep?
    • a) It’s too dark.
    • b) Kitty is not tired.
    • c) Kitty is scared.
  2. What does Studycat do to help Kitty sleep?
    • a) Tells a story
    • b) Makes shadow animals
    • c) Sings a lullaby
  3. Who comes in at the end of the story?
    • a) Tom
    • b) Ali
    • c) Mom


Vocabulary Match-Up: a. 2, b. 4, c. 3, d. 2 Comprehension Questions: 1. c, 2. b, 3. c

This gentle story not only brings the magic of imagination into the night but also highlights the comforting power of creativity in overcoming fear. It’s a reminder that sometimes, all it takes to find peace is a change in perspective—and perhaps a few playful shadows on the wall.

Until our next bedtime story, keep exploring the wonders of the world, both seen and unseen, through the lens of language and friendship.

Shadow animals